Li Guowen

Date of Birth: 1930
Occupation: Script writer
Native Place: Shanghai


Li Guowen was born in 1930 in Shanghai. His hometown is Yancheng in Jiangsu province. He graduated from Nanjing Drama Academy in 1949. In 1986, he transferred to China Writers’ Association to work as a professional writer. He was a director of the 4th session of China Writers’ Association and was the editor-in-chief for “Selected Fiction.” In July 1957, “Re-election,” a novel, was published in “The People’s Literature” to great acclaim. In 1980, “Lunar Eclipse” won National Award for Excellent Short Story. “Spring in Winter,” a novel, was published in 1981 and won the 1st Mao Dun Literature Prize in 1982. Also in 1982, “The First Cup of Bitter Wine,” a collection of short stories, was published. In 1984, “Chronicle of The Dangerous Building” won National Award for Excellent Short Story. Over the past decade or so, he has been focusing on essays, which, though ostensibly dealing with historical themes, reflect on contemporary issues. In 2001, “The Elegant Country Talk” won the 2nd Lu Xun Literature Prize. In 2002, “The Wrongful Deaths of Chinese Literati” won him “Essayist of The Year Award” at the 1st Chinese Language Literature and Media Award sponsored by Southern Metropolis Daily.


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