Gui Zi

Date of Birth: 1958
Occupation: Writer
Native Place: Guangxi


Gui Zi (originally named Liao Runbo) is an ethnic Mulao writer from China, born in 1958 in Luocheng City, Guangxi Province. He graduated from Northwest University’s Department of Chinese Language and Literature in 1989 and started writing in 1996. At present, Gui Zi is vice president of the Guangxi Writers Association, associate dean of Guangxi University’s College of Language and Literature, and associate editor of Guangxi Literature Monthly. He has published several works such as the novel A Rope Made by Water, the “The Mandalay Trilogy” novellas (The Rye Above Mandalay, The Sleepy Girl in the Forenoon, The River Drenched by Rain), several novel and short story collections such as Who Has Opened the Door and An Encounter with Midnight, novella collections like The Death of Su Tong and Gui Zi’s 50 Excellent Chinese Novels/ The River Drenched by Rain, and a screenplay adapted from his novel The Happy Time.


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