Ye Mi

Date of Birth: 1964
Occupation: Writer
Native Place: Jiangsu


Ye Mi is a female writer from Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. She was born in June of 1964. In 1994, she became a published novelist. The novellas she has published include Growing Is Like a Snake, Velvet, and Both Sides of a Coin. The Stunning Juvenile is one of her most notable novels. Her short story Incense Mountain was awarded the Sixth Short Story Lu Xun Literary Prize in 2014.
Growing Is Like a Snake can be regarded as a symbol of a "newfound vitality." It was Ye Mi’s first work to place her at the highest rung of young literature. The levels of insight and talent contained in the book seem supernatural. The blossoming of her talent in the south of Jiangsu Province attracted attention from literary circles all over the country. It is Ye Mi’s creative, artistic writing style that is most striking and lands her among the leading “newfound vitality” authors. Her novels, novellas, and short stories all exist within a high artistic realm. Amid modern Chinese authors’ works, hers is most difficult to categorize and identify by the dimensions of literary style, gender awareness, and subject matter.
Her novel Velvet was adapted into a movie (The Sun Will Rise as Always by Jiang Wen.


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